Academie NPIP på Bastard Gallery 5-9 maj 2009
Bastard Gallery, in collaboration with New Print International Publisher (NPIP), Samuel Nyholm and Nazareno Crea, gives a four-day workshop of analog printing technologies, for 15 students, from the Fine art and Graphic Design institutions at Konstfack, Advertising and Graphic design at Beckmans, and Fine art at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm and the ECAL in Lausanne.

The NPIP philosophy is to rationalize and control as much as possible of the printing process and to carry out a large part of the work on their own, which works fine as long as the edition is not too extensive (which is generally the case in cultural contexts). The most sensible option can also, like in the case of "Dolls", a catalogue produced by NPIP for the video artist Annika Larsson last year, be a combination of cheap digital printing and analogue interventions, where the printing process also includes the narrative elements of the book. The benefits of this thinking is not only that the designer may retain a larger share of the budget, but also allow more room for experimentation with materials, techniques and content.

The purpose of the academy is to deepen the students and our own practical and philosophical point of view connected to primitive printing techniques, with emphasis on a playful approach, implemented into rational and applied practise.

The workshop consists of four days of production, between 6th and 9th of May and a final evaluation party on the evening of the 9th of May, including musical entertainment, 19-23, everything taking place inside the gallery. It will also be possible to buy and borrow various publication affiliated to the workshop and it's participants.


The gallery is open for the public 15-19 during the workshop. 19-23 on Saturday the 9th of May.


Samuel Nyholm working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with Reala in Stockholm, as well as teacher in Graphic Design at ECAL in Lausanne. (http://www.reala.se)

Nazareno Crea has previously worked as a assistant and teacher in graphic design at ECAL in Lausanne and has been employed at studio Cornel Windlin in Zürich. Currently studying MA in graphic design at the RCA in London.

Virlani Hallberg works as an artist and culture producer. Bastard gallery was started by Virlani and Jenny Palen three years ago.

Bastard Gallery is an artist-run, non-profit art space in Stockholm dedicated to the promotion of a cross-cultural concept of art with strong connections to contemporary society. The initiators have a background in art schools as well as in cultural institutions and the commercial world.

Since the start , the gallery has produced more than thirty exhibitions and cultural events.

Whether presenting site specific works, happenings or cross- and counter-cultural events, we are using the gallery space as a communicative tool, hoping to make an impact on our society.

Yours sincerely /

Virlani Hallberg and Samuel Nyholm, Bastard, NPIP & REALA

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